Kelsey in the Snow

January 13, 2016

kelsey 1

I’ve got dog pictures all over my blog! But Kelsey, she is hard to get good photos of!

Kelsey 2

Because she is so joyful, and always running! And when she is not running she is cuddling!

kelsey 4

These are just not ideal conditions for a good photo shoot.

Kelsey 5

But every-once-in-a-while she will slow down from her joyful cruising...

Kelsey 6

And I can get a semi-decent photo of her. It just doesn’t happen very often.


So I thought I would dedicate this blog to photos of our Kelsey!


We love you Kelsey!

You can see additional pictures ofKelsey swimming Down at the Cove by clicking here.

TBT Kelsey

Kesley and Rainy where the first two pups we kept back from our original pair of dogs way back when….

Now she is kind of a matriarch on the ranch!


And look how much her puppy Hank looks and acts like her!

There are a couple pups still available from this last litter. Click here.

Nuella 0258

On behalf of Nuella and I, I would like to say, thank you so much for stopping by this post!

Have a fabulous day!

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