January snow day!

January 18, 2016

Sue 0361

We had a lovely little bit of snow here this weekend. The most we’ve had in a long, long time.

And I can call it a lovely snow, because it didn’t come up to my little tummy, like is did to Sue.

C’mere Sue!

Sue 0362

“No, thanks, I’ll just head here under the truck, where there is NO snow. Thanks!"

Sue 0364

Aw - C’mere Sue!

Sue 0363

"Ok, if you insist!"

Sue 0368

Super Puppy!

Sue 0367

Sue is our last little Aussiedoodle. She is so pretty, and sassy and smart! She is available. Click here.** Update - Sue is sold **

Monster-kitty 0525

Da, dun, daaaa! And here comes Monster Kitty!

Mini-aussies-charge 0389

Mini Aussie Attack!

Mini-aussies-retreat 0391

We mean Retreat! Mini Aussie Retreat!

Mini-aussies-retreat 0392

For the Love of God! Retreat!

Hank 0397

Hank is so sweet.

Drover 0468

Drover is also available. Head on over to check them out here.** Update Drover is sold. **

Goat-sledding 0292

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard! Please stop by again soon! You’ll want to learn all about the new barnyard sport of goat sledding!

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