2015 colts part I

November 10, 2015

This post is for my record keeping purposes as much as anything. That being said, please enjoy being introduced to our 2015 crop of colts. (The first batch at least.)

These colts change so much in a few months, not to mention a few years, that seems about the time these colts are about 4 years old and we are bucking them, Dick and I are both scratching our heads trying to remember, “Now which mare is that one out of?” So voila! In the year 2019 (holy cow that sounds CRAZY!) we will know who these colts are out of.

If you would like please check out my first post about these babies! My how time flies!

Sorrel-bucking-horse-colt 0146

This is a sorrel colt out of the Old 13 Mare and Billy the Kid.

Bucking-horse 0194


Bucking-horse 0428

This is a Bay Filly out of Icy Sparks and Billy the Kid.

Bucking-horse 0141


Bucking-horse 0486

This is Loppy, a colt out of Betsy Crockett and Billy the Kid.

Bucking-horse 0144


Bucking-horse 0563

This is Thistle, and ornery little gal out of Wild Rose (AKA the sorrel mare that hurt her leg) and Billy the Kid.

Bucking-horse 0158


Bay-baby-bucking-horse-colt 0073

This is Lookin’ Back, a bay horse colt out of the Kicking mare and Billy the Kid.

Bucking-horse 0175


Curly-bucking-horse-foal-tail 0151

This is Booty, a filly out of Fruity and one of the Billys.

Bucking-horse 0463


Bobby-Sue-Bucking-horse-foal 0076

This is VooDoo Sue, a filly out of Bobby Sue and Billy the Kid.

Bucking-horse 0149

Thank you for joining me here at the barnyard. I have a few more foals to track down pictures or take photos of. So there will (probably) be a part II and part III to this post.

There are a couple of Dalmatian puppies left and just one little cute Mini Aussie. They are ready to go!

I have my horses for sale page (nearly) up to date. Check it out!

Come back soon!

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