Getting caught up

February 17, 2014

After coming down with the worst flu known to man I am trying to get caught up!

My nose is still running, Sniff. Sniff.

And I feel as though my brain is mush… so bear with me.


First Happy Valentine’s Day to the Western Original!

Want to know what he said?

I was talking to him about Valentine’s Day and what we had got the kids, etc. When he looks over at me and says, “So are we going to color some eggs or what?”

No dear. Wrong holiday.

Dick-Gifford 0726

His birthday is Saturday, February 21. Send him a card if you want! Dick Gifford, PO Box 326, Lovell, WY 82431. Or give him a ring 307-272-4083. Don’t ask how old he is. He’ll never tell you. I am sworn to secrecy.

Mini-aussie-pups 0791

The puppies turn 4 weeks on Dick’s Birthday and the first people on our pick list will be coming down to look at them. So it begins! The exciting part!

I took over 200 photos of them while I was laying on the couch sick, I posted about 40 of them on Facebook. Check them out there!

Gidget 5987

My Gidget Dog is due to have her puppies on February 25. Last time she had 5 puppies and they were all blue merle.

Fancy-mini-aussie 0830

This is Fancy, the Little Cowgirl’s dog we kept out of Gidget’s last litter.

Fisher-mini-aussie 0854

And this is Fisher Dog, he went to live in Florida with April.

Mini-aussie-pup-prince 4992

And this was Prince. He lives in Worland.

Riley 0829

I think we need to get some roller skates to put under Riley’s tummy! It is about to drag the ground! She had 4 puppies last time. Two red tris, a red merle and a blue merle. She is due on the 26.

Hank-Mini-Aussie 0561

Here is one of her puppies from her last litter.

Delilah 5979

And it looks like Spotty puppies are on the way! I figure in a couple weeks. She had 6 puppies last time.

We have a game at my house, everyone tries to guess how many puppies each dog will have.

My guess is 4 Gidget, 4 Riley and 7 Delilah.

The Western Original has guessed 5 Gidget, 7 Riley and 9 Delilah.

The kids say 6, 4, 8. And 7, 6, 10.

What are your guesses? Comment below. Bragging rights and possible gift in the mail to everyone who nails it! Thanks of joining us here at the Barnyard!

New Puppy Pics!

Update - Gidget had 5, Riley had 6 and Delilah had 7. I’m (sort of) keeping it under my hat for now, because I know I am going to have people knocking down my doors to get a puppy! They will be ready to start being shown on March 27.

Dalmatian Puppies

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