She’s Blue Da-Buh-De-Da-Buh-Dy

March 4, 2015


“Birthday Girl" is a little filly that was born on the Dick’s Birthday.

It was a Saturday morning and I noticed Jack had a bummed up nose from fighting with Elvis through the kennel, and that just can’t be!

Blue-horse 0081

So Little Cowgirl and I headed to the Lovell Building center to get some plywood and some paint.

Originally we had decided on a sandy brown or off white color. But faced with all those pretty paint swatches we ended up with Caribbean Blue. Why? Well, I want to tell you because the calming blue color will help maintain my dogs’ zen, but I think dogs are color blind. So it is blue because we think it is pretty!

It was about 30 degrees outside, which I don’t think is technically warm enough to paint, so I set up in the warmest spot of the barnyard. Right in front of the barn. Which is, of course, where we have the baby.

Blue-filly 0085

She was tons of help with the painting! Curious little stinker!

Blue-Colt 0087

But don’t worry! She didn’t eat any paint. (She did chew on my hair though!)

Blue-Lips 0093

Caribbean Blue Baby Bucking Horse. (Say that 5 times fast!)

Blue-Escape 0094

Holly was going to come out and help me, but she decided the foal pen was no place for a little puppy.

Blue-Nose 0097

Look at those blue whiskers!

Blue-Whiskers 0101

She’s Blue Da-Ba-Di-Da-Buh-DyDa-Ba-Di-Da-Buh-DyDa-Ba-Di-Da-Buh-Dy

Can you tell I was a ‘90s kids? Ha

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! Come back soon!

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