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Updated 4-25-19

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Riggin x skye

I have a litter out of Skye and Riggin. Skye is a 13" toy and weighs about 12lbs. Riggin is a 15" mini and weighs about 30lbs. Riggin is one of the most chill, easy going guys you will ever meet and Skye is super loyal, always my shadow. These pups where born 2-17-19 and are ready to go. I expect them to be about 14" and about 20lbs. They are a super friendly bunch and will be great pups!

IMG 2997

Cinch, black tri male, out of the Skye x Riggin litter, he is thick and the biggest of the liter. I expect him to be 15" and 30lbs. $750

Chief x Kelsey

I have three pups from the Chief x Kelsey cross. I've done this cross several times and am always happy with the results. Chief is 15" and 25lbs, he is my best working dog and knows everything I tell him. He is intelligent and wants to please. Kelsey is 16" and an easy going gal. These three pups are awesome! They were born 2-22-19. I love them all. I expect the boys to be about 25-30lbs and the little gal to be about 20 lbs.

IMG 3758

Pancho, Amazingly marked blue merle male out of the Kelsey x Chief litter. He is fun and happy and so gorgeous! $850

IMG 2991

Pending - Lefty, another stunning blue merle male out of the Kelsey x Chief litter. He absolutely loves my bottle calf and follows her everywhere, keeping an eye on her. I think he'd love some kids to babysit. $850

Riggin x Riley

There are two pups from the Riggin and Riley litter. This is another litter that I've kept pups from in the past and I really like them. Riggin is 15" and about 30lbs and Riley is about 14" and about 30lbs (as wide as she is tall.) Both parents are really calm. I expect the pups to be 14-15" and thick and stout with great bone! They were born 3-1-19.

More about Riley and Riggin click here.

IMG 3772

Sarah, blue merle female out of the Riggin x Riley litter. She is a beauty, loves to snuggle and nap! She is marked beautifully and has one blue eye and one brown. $950

More about Sarah click here.

IMG 3089

Sonic, black tri male out of the Riggin x Riley litter. He loves to give kisses and follow you around. He has his own mind and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what he has on it. He is a sassy smart boy! I love his personality! $750

More about Sonic click here.

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I price each puppy individually but mostly here is how they are priced - tri males $650, merle males and tri females $750, red merle females $850, blue merle females $950. Blue eyed tris will be more.

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