Available Mini Aussie pups

Updated 9-19-17

We have puppies! If you are interested in one of thesecuties give me a call!Thanks!Erin 307-254-3968

Lemon 9678

Only pup left from Jack x Frosty Litter

pending - Lemon - small mini/large toy blue merle female with two brown eyes. Her parents are Frosty and Jack. Both her parents are 14", but both are about as wide as they are thick. So she should be about 25lbs. She is quiet but loves to snuggle. She was born July 14 and will be ready to go on Friday. $1150 pet price. $2500 with full breeding rights.

Chief x Kelsey

This next litter is by Chief and Kelsey.Kelsey is 16" and Chief is 15the pups should be between 25-35lbs. They were born July 21 and will be ready September 15. Chief is my best working dog! And Kelsey is an amazing family pet.

AnnaBelle 9676

AnnaBelle- absolutelystunning blacktri female. Full white collar, nice copper and liquid brown puppy eyes with a perfect head tilt that says she is watching and learning everything. She is the largest one of the litter. $850 pet price. $2000 with full breeding rights.

Earl 9671

Pending - Earl - Blacktri male with one blue eye. He is the smallest of the litter and may stay smaller than expected. He has a full white collar, great symmetrical markings.$800 pet price. $2200 with full breeding rights

George 9669

George - Blue merle male with two blue eyes. He is pretty mellow (so far) and has a very distinctive marle pattern. $950 pet price. $1800 with full breeding rights.

LaVonne 9683

LaVonne - Blacktri male with unique white pattern, and fun copper points. He Mr. Playful! $750 pet price.$1800 with full breeding rights.

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I price each puppy individually but mostly here is how they are priced - tri males $650, merle males and tri females $750, red merle females $850, blue merle females $950. Blue eyed tris will be more.

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Puppy Contract/Health GuaranteeRemember if you are buying a puppy from me you are agreeing to this contract whether you sign it or not.

You are also welcome to call me 307-254-3968 thanks! Erin

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