Pony Party!

September 5, 2018

Pony-Party 2875

A friend’s daughter was turning 4 and having a Unicorn Birthday Party.

Pony-Party 2882

And really…. what’s a unicorn birthday party without a pony?!

(We did TRY to make a unicorn horn, but it was not successful!)

Pony-Party 2887

Addie was a great sport and led the pony around.

Pony-Party 2914

And Bubbles was about as sweet as she could be!

Pony-Party 2915

Everyone had so much fun! Addie enjoyed it so much that she would love to do more pony parties! So call us if you need pony!

Pony-Party 2902

Thank you for having us for your special day and never outgrow your hat and cape little darling!

Belle-Mini-Aussie 3223

Thank you for stopping by the barnyard!

I have a few mini and toy aussie puppies still available. Click through to check them out!

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