Yellowstone with my Native Boy

September 8, 2014

going to the park

You know you’re from Wyoming when...

DSC 1004

We live less than two hours from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. We don’t visit there often enough. But we strive to go to the Park at least once a year.

BTW. You’re welcome for this photo. I am a littlevery fearful of heights… my palms were sweating, my heart was racing, I had fussed at the kids to stay away from the edge a million times, but I faced my fear and took this photo for your viewing pleasure. That is my level of commitment to you, dear friends.

DSC 0999

This year was especially special because Nanny was visiting my mom, who lives in Dubois. So they were able to meet us at Fishing Bridge and we toured Yellowstone all together in my Buick. It was cozy. And memorable and oh so fun! (But next time I may get a bigger vehicle!)

DSC 1014

This Native Wyoming Boy kept us totally in stitches the whole time.

Here we are headed up to Tower Falls, where my Native Boy took this fall. He was so busy reading the sign that said, “Please stay on the path,” that he ended up kissing the path.

Oh but that was just the beginning.

DSC 1037

While stopped for road construction near Indian Creek between Mammoth and Norris we got out of the car to stretch. A very large raven swooped down and lit in a tree near our car. My Native Boy shouted out a greeting, “Hey Buddy!”

To which the raven promptly replied, “Caw!” and after we all got done having a laugh at this (the big black bird included) the raven floated down and landed in a tree just inches above Native Boy’s head.

They continued their conversation for few moments before the raven took off to show us the way home. (Supposedly.)

DSC 1032

Stopped at Sheepeater Cliff, Grammy, “Hey I see a couple squirrels climbing on the rocks.”

Native Boy, “Where? Where?”

Who do you think she was referring to?

DSC 1000

And the icing on the cake. Native Boy was trying to shout the word “best" in the crowded car.

It came out, “Breast!”


In succession.

In front of his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I think his face turned a shade of crimson for every generation he embarrassed himself in front of.

DSC 1043

Oh it was so much fun! We saw a few buffalo, and the very top of a Grizzly Bear’s back, and an antelope and some birds. So nothing really exciting happened while we were there, (more on this later.) But when family gets together and eats and laughs and enjoys each other’s company it is always the stuff of memories!

Thank you Grammy and Nanny for meeting us and squishing into the Buick! I loved it!

Meanwhile back at the barnyard...


It is time for an end of season sale on some of the horses. Stay tuned. I will be posting them at discounted prices to try to home them quickly.

Thank you for joining me and as always you can give me a call at 307-254-3968. You all come back now, ya’ here!

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