Vegas 2013

The 2013 Benny Binnion WNFR Bucking Horse Sale in Las Vegas!

People always ask us if any of our horses go to the “Big Rodeos.” The answer is yes. But we sell them first. What we do is get our horses grown and tested out at the local rodeos, then when they are ready (around 4-years-old) we take them to Bucking Horse Sales and sell them to the guys that do the “Big Rodeos.”

Over the years the Giffords have produced some amazing bucking horses that have gone on to compete in the NFR and have made it to the Rodeo Hall of Fame.

#1 Selling bucking horse

Last year we took a good one we called Newton’s Law and we are happy to say he was the top selling bucking horse of the year in 2012!


We took four horses down this year. 3 saddle bronc and my bareback horse Dally.


We stay at the South Point Hotel and Casino. That is where the sale actually takes place.


The horses stay at Horseman’s Park. The buyers are able to walk around before the sale and get an idea of the horses or bulls they are interested in.


The sale is held in the indoor arena on Thursday and Saturday. We were one of the first out of the chute this year!


They sell a few pickup horses as well. The black was my favorite and my daughter loved the sorrel.


Dick and Dally getting ready!


They buck them and then start the bidding. The horses have 8 seconds or less to prove their worth. A Vegas gamble if I’ve ever heard one!

Unfortunately we didn’t get rich this year. But we had a great vacation! Have four less mouths to feed and have a fabulous pen of horses that will be ready to go next year!


So we load up and head home.


And this is how Wyoming welcomes us!


Yep! We are definitely home….

Thank you so much! Join us next time here at the barnyard! Wait till you see how big and cute those puppies are getting! And I am about ready to post my annual Christmas Pony Sale! WooHoo! you don’t want to miss that!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013