Spring Fever Flashback - Cowley Pioneer Day Rodeo

January 21, 2015

Cowley-Pioneer-Day-rodeo-words 0478

I take so many pictures during the summer, and I get so busy I don’t always get to share them with you. So I decided to start sharing some during the winter. We’ll call them Spring Fever Flashbacks! Because let’s be honest, I have spring fever all year long!

These are pictures of the Cowley Pioneer Day Rodeo, July 26, 2014.

Rodeo-Bareback-riding 0502

This is Dick Gifford’s good black bareback mare, we call her Black Betty. She is kicking up some dust and getting some air. She bucks good bareback, but does even better saddle bronced! If you are interested in buying a good black bucking horse mare, she is one that he has available. Give him a call at 307-272-4083. And check out his web page, (but truthfully I am WAY behind on updating it! Sorry!)

Rodeo 0468

This gray gelding is Snell’s Bells. A local High School cowboy is working hard to try to cover him.

Dan Mortenson, JR Vezain, Dean Schlattmann and many other professional rodeo cowboys got their start here in the Big Horn Basin on these good Dick Gifford Rodeo horses.

DSC 0478

Part of learning to ride bucking horses, is falling off bucking horses. Here TJ takes an exit off the rear. Good luck TJ! Maybe you will be our next Cowley, Wy cowboy headed to the NFR!

Rodeo-Rusty 0642

This is a good horse we call Rusty Saddles. He is out of a Dick Gifford mare and a good old bucking horse stud, Empty Saddles. Rusty knows how to leave the chute!

Rodeo-Rusty 0645

And leave the cowboy behind.

Rusty-rodeo 0646

In the dirt. With a great big no score.

Rusty-rodeo 0649

Then Rusty likes to jump and kick and show off a little before the pick-up men can get to him and get the flank off.

Bull-riding 0699

Tooth Fairy also knows how to leave the chutes and the cowboy! He is really spinning up some dirt! Like a tornado this guy!

Bull-riding-rodeo 0744

White Echo showing some good form!

Bull-riding 0786

We don’t have enough bulls of our own for most rodeos. So we subcontract to one of the best bull guys in the world! This is a Spear W bucking bull belonging to Seth Mulherin. Check his rodeo bull web page out here.

Bull-riding 0794

The bull rider is in a bit of trouble!

Bull-fighting 0802

Good thing for our bull fighters Eric Burns and Joe Best. Thanks guys!

Oh it seems like such a long time ago! What was it like to be too hot? To be sunburned? I can’t hardly remember! And I can’t wait for rodeo season!

The first rodeo of 2015 is May 2 in Cowley for the Cowley Spring Rodeo. I hope to see you there. Pictures of the Cowley Spring Rodeo 2014 here.

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