Spidey the Spotty Dog

October 26, 2015

Dalmatian Spider

I’ve been tagged on Facebook about a million times with this photo in the last month.

Everyone who knows me, knows the first tag is an, “I dare you.”

Second tag is a “Double Dog Dare!”

Third tag and more - Challenge accepted.

(And btw I couldn’t find the original source for this photo, so if it is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit.)


First went for a nice walk. Elvis can look less-than-dignified at times. So I take a photo any opportunity I can when he is looking his handsome self.


I think part of the reason that top photo has gone so viral is because the dog looks miserable in it. It adds some humor. This is as sad as Elvis looked during the entire process.

Dalmatian-Spider 0206

Because he loves any opportunity to be near me.

Dalmatian-Spider 0224

To give me kisses.

Dalmatian-spider 0227

And hugs.

Dalmatian-spider 0229

And pretty much we smeared the heck out of my painstaking paint project.

Halloween-Dalmatian-Spider 0249

So I handed him back to my lovely assistant for a couple more photos. He looks handsome as Spidey the Spotted Dog, doesn’t he?

Halloween-Dalmatian-Spider 0252

Even perhaps, dignified in his Halloween costume?

Halloween-Dalmatian-Spider 0263

Ruh - Roh his spidey senses are tingling. There is a “cat burglar" on the loose.

Dalmatian 0264

With great power there is also great responsibility. The photo session is over.

Dalmatian-Spider 0138

One thing I learned during this project - It is much easier to paint spiders on your Dalmatian in Photoshop than it is in real-life!

Thank you for joining me here at the Barnyard.

We have a couple Dalmatian Puppies still available so click on through!

Come back for more Halloween fun!

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