Just Ducky

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IMG 3872

At my real job, the preschool needed some fertilized eggs to put in the incubator. Being short of such eggs, (Chicky Mo Mo and the gang have not started laying yet,) my friend Stacey offered up some duck eggs.

IMG 3879

And three perfect, downy ducklings emerged!

DSC 0422

Meet Igor, Agnes and...

DSC 0419


IMG 3982

We brought them home from the preschool to meet the gang. Psycho Hen was the first to greet them. I think they were a little overwhelmed.

IMG 3981

Poor Eleanor waddled up to greet the gang like any social fowl would do. Pearl and Psycho Hen didn't seem to be very gracious hostesses.

IMG 3979

Then War Paint got in on the meet-and-do-not-greet action. I have a feeling poor Igor, Eleanor and Agnes will have to start their own Duck Gang. Or be hen pecked their whole lives!

IMG 3985

But an all-duck gang could be fun! There will be tons of pool parties!

IMG 3992

And sun bathing!

IMG 4038

And I think they might even make me the leader of their gang! Welcome Eleanor, Igor, and Agnes to the Barnyard!

Erin Stiver-Henson 2013