I’ll Sail Away!

September 3

Cowpoke-Corner-Irrigating 8939

I don’t want to you get the idea that life is all work and no play around here.


So I thought I better share some “play” pictures. A while ago a great neighbor gave Aiden a sailboat. And since my friend and I always tease about buying a sailboat and sailing away, I thought this would be perfect!

Wyoming-sailing 8760

Turns out I know NOTHING about sailboats! Good thing I travel with MILES of baling twine.

BTW I prefer the term “lifeline” to “anchor" here.

Wyoming-sailing 8762

The kids had gone to Dubois to watch the eclipse. So we met mom at Boysen reservoir and had a great time floating around one last time before school started.

Erin-Stiver-Henson-at-the-lake 8976

Just two weeks later Dad suggested a trip to the lake and we headed up to Big Horn Lake.

Wtoming-sailing 8974

And we hoped that Jane could give us some sailing lessons.

Wyoming-surfing 8979

Turns out the ONE thing that can make the wind quit blowing in Wyoming is me and a sailboat. But we had lots of fun anyway!

Wyoming-skies 8832

Now back to the grind and even if there is a lot of work to be done around here, at least the view from my office is pretty sweet!

I-don't-think-Ruysty-trusts-my-driving 9008

One final giggle.

I have announced my latest puppies to my email notifications list. I will be posting any remaining pups here Tuesday. If you want to be on my email list please shoot me an email and let me know!

Addie and I are working on getting some more horses posted!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please come back soon!

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