How to Plan a Puppy Shower

September 17, 2015

Ok - now I am going to tell you, this was not my original idea, but after I heard about I loved it!

People are throwing puppy showers! Yes!

Isn’t that the greatest!? Ok - so I am not about being a crazy dog “mom.” But I am all about celebrating life! and Love! So why not? Getting a new puppy is a huge thing! And you want to share the love with your friends and family! What a perfect occasion to get together and laugh and have fun!

bone appetite

Oh yeah! It is puppy shower time!

Here are some ideas I found online. Click on the picture and it will take you back to the source for more information.

center piece

Simple, cute decorations start out every celebration.


And for the “mommy to be."

doggie blankie

A gift for the new arrival. How cute is this? Really. I have to learn to do this.

meat and cheese tray

A meat and cheese tray. Simple, cute. I found these cookie cutters on amazon for less than $8. So fun!

dog bowl


mud bath

Chocolate fountain? I think maybe yes!

toilet water

Right?! I had to include it!


It really just doesn’t take much to make some cute goodies!

pup cookie

But if you want to get a little extravagant - these are adorable!


Don’t forget treats for your 4-legged guests!

pawty favor

And a little party favor to take home. I love it!

Boy puppy

And on my end, I am going to try to keep up on puppy announcements for everyone this time around!

Girl puppy

Wish me luck!

Well if you couldn’t tell, I am getting excited for puppies! I will be making announcements soon!

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard! and PLEASE send me pictures of your puppy showers!

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