Getting moved in

January 11, 2018

Fencing-crew-at-cowpoke-corner E9844

As some of you may know, I bought a piece of land last fall. This year I was able to start improvements on it.

Fencing-crew-at-cowpoke-corner E9855

First, of course where corrals.

Fencing-crew-at-cowpoke-corner E9852

My whole family came up for a day of moving panels, digging holes and making pens.

Fencing-crew-at-Cowpoke-Corner E9858

And trust me, I have the best fencing crew around!

Digging-water-at-Cowpoke-Corner 0043

Getting a home site set up was the obvious next challenge. Dad did most all the work himself, with me helping as much as I could. I sure learned a lot! One of the biggest projects was the waterline. I had a tap put in early in the summer, but we needed to dig a line to the house. (Thank you so much dad!)

House-move 0632

The little trailer I bought was only about 2 miles away… but it was still a challenge to move it. There were a lot of hard corners to make and a few ditches to cross. (Thank you Jim and Kris Halleen for all your help!)

House-move E0640

Luckily I had Roy Watson of Git ‘R Done Transport helping me. He was patient and just rolled with the flow on this tedious project. I couldn’t have asked for better help and I highly recommend him. (406-861-6573 if you need him.)

Septic-system-at-Cowpoke-corner 0661

After the house was in, I had Ty Sammons and Sammons Excavation put in the septic tank. They had it installed in no time and where super helpful!

Electric-Trench 0734

Dad put in the electric line. With a little help form Todd, Ron and Bill, Thank you guys!


November 27, 2017 we had electricity in the house!

Hooking-up-water-at-Cowpoke-Corner 0816

Around December 1, 2017 we got a brand new propane tank and once we had heat, dad and Aiden connected the waterline to the house and we were no longer camping. Yay! Thank goodness the weather held for as long as it did this fall!

Dirty-Jeans E9827

There were a lot of long days, and dirty jeans!

Torn-up-fingers 0844

And more than a few scraped fingers.

Wyoming-skies-at-cowpoke-corner E9965

But it is so great to have my house, sitting on my land, just the way I want it. There is still a lot of work to do, I sure am thankful to everyone that helped me get this far andI can’t wait to start the yard and garden and orchard this spring!

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