A Silly Selfie Sonnet

January 25, 2015

Ok, so to be sure, this is not a true sonnet, but I liked the way it sounded, and it is my Poem and I shall call it Sonnet…

Have a good laugh! I sure did!


So you take yourself a selfie

To show your mom your hair,

You look back over your shoulder

And you see a silly there!


So you take another selfie

And the silly multiplies,


Till you’re taking silly selfies

Of ALL these goofy guys!


We went to the BLS horse sale this last weekend and had a seriously fun time! Look at this little treasure we picked up! The girls named her Honey and we can’t wait to start playing beauty parlor with her.

Fjord mane hearts style

This is our ultimate goal! How fun is this?!! (Click on the picture for original source link.)


Super added bonus - Honey is so gentle and broke to ride! So we got to take her to the arena on Sunday and ride her around! Oh it felt good to be out and going horseback again! This January weather is fabulous!


Addie got to try out her new horse Oh So Beautiful and these two are getting along like old friends! She is feeling Rodeo Bible Camp ready! And good thing too, because I just found out the dates for camp are June 13-16. Click here to see my blog post from last Rodeo Bible Camp. My kids are counting down the days!

Only 140 days to go!

Thank you for stopping by the barnyard for another silly day in my life! I sure appreciate it!

I have one more snow day post I have been waiting to put up, come back soon to see Monster Kitty and our new addition!

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