Spotty Puppies!

4-7-16 - Update - All Dalmatian Puppies have been spoken for. So happy to see them all going to fabulous homes!

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Guess What?

Spotty Butt!

Or rather puppies with spotty bottoms!

new born dalmatian puppies 4734

Dalmatian puppies born 3-13-16.

puppies first born

And yes, it’s true what they say, they are born without spots!

Dalmatian puppies 1 week old 4804

At two weeks old you start to see their ears getting some more color.

Dalmatian puppies 2 weeks old 4993

At three weeks old you can see the faint shadow of what will become their spot pattern.

Dalmatian puppies 3 weeks old 5111

At three weeks old, the pattern is evident, but not yet final. They say dalmatians' spots continue to grow and get darker their whole lives. I personally don’t know that I agree with that, but they certainly continue to develop their first year long.

Meet the babies ~

Squirt-dalmatian-puppy 0949

Sold - Squirt - Female - smallest of the litter

Engine-dalmatian-puppy 0019

Sold - (pending deposit) Engine - Male

Chief-dalmatian-puppy 0994

Sold - Chief - Male

Dispatch-Dalmatian-puppy 0964

Dispatch - Male -sold

Blaze-dalmatian-puppy 0958

Nika - female - sold

Siren-Dalmatian-Puppy 0928

Siren - female - sold

Dalmatian-puppies 0041

Dalmatian puppies are a special treat of us, we don’t have them very often. I just love their spotty faces!

Dalmatian-puppy 0053

Their spotty yawns!

Dalmatian-puppies 0064

Their spotty noses,

Ddalmatian-toes 0074

And their spotty toes!

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! It is spring time and we are starting to get the full fun of it! I think next post will be announcing mini aussie pup! These are Rainy x Jack pups. Click here to see their last batch!

Comeback soon!

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