6 Week Old Mini Aussies

May 5, 2016

These are Rainy x Jack puppies. They were born March 18. They will be heading to their new homes here shortly so I wanted to be sure to get photos of them before they started taking off!

mini-aussie 0257

The weather went from a damp, chilly 40 degrees, to a beautiful, sunny 80 degrees in the last week. (It is supposed to get chilly this weekend again.)

Mini-Aussie 0315

It was time to get these darlings out to stretch their legs! (Luke, Maci, Haley, Boone and Louie.)

Mini-Aussie 0318

And frolic! (Louie, Boone, Luke and Haley)

Mini-Aussie 0328

And run! (Boone)

Mini-aussie 0282

And explore! (Rocco)

Mini-Aussie 0341

And make funny faces! (Remi)

Mini-Aussie 0331

And look like beautiful puppies! (Annabelle)

Mini-Aussie 0374

Warm, beautiful puppies! (Jezebelle)

Mini-Aussie 0390

HOT beautiful puppies! Thankfully Roland was here shoeing some horses, so Tori was helping with puppy pics and she provided some very appreciated shade.

Look how please Luke and Maci are!

Mini-Aussie 0414

Very happy, cooler, beautiful puppies! (Maci, Annabelle and Remi)

Mini-Aussie 0415

Beautiful puppy!

Thanks so much for stopping by the barnyard. I hope you enjoyed seeing the pups. I have one more cute post to put up, then I am going to get ready for this weekend! Till next time!

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